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Before refueling, the cylinders are inspected and sorted according to their suitability for further work. After that, the cylinder is weighed to detect the remaining fuel. After the drain of the remains, the balloon is subject to control weighing. All cylinders without the brand of the company and those that were checked before, after the dismantling of the valve pass hydraulic test. Next, the installation of a new valve manufactured by the Italian concern Cavagna Group. After performing repair and testing, the employee of the company with a special tolerance conducts the tuning of the cylinder. On a special spherical table, he specifies the data in accordance with the safety rules for the operation of pressurized cylinders. Checked cylinders are painted and sent for filling. When filling cylinders at the gas filling station of the company “Nadezhda”, the company has been excluded by exclusion, the filling process is completely computerized and deprived of any influence of the human factor. The customer receives the exact amount of gas indicated on the label. On filled cylinders attach a special monument for safe operation, mark the bar code, and sent to the warehouse.

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